The silence of United Nations over the war-torn region “Balochistan” is making its autonomous status controversial: BSO Azad

Sangar News


On the occasion of December 10 Human Rights Day, an international day for the human rights, the Central Spokesperson Baloch Students Organization Azad (BSO-A) said in an issued statement that December 10 was decided to be observed as the international day for the human rights right after three years of establishment of the United Nations.

But this international institution, since its inception till today is failed to play its due responsibility to stop the serious human rights violation in Balochistan, and has always adopted the policy of silence before the interests of Pakistan and its allies.   


The Spokesperson said that the Baloch national conflict like other conflicts of the world is needed to be solved, because thousands of Baloch have been extra judicially killed, children have become orphan, Baloch women are being sexually assaulted after their disappearance and millions of families have migrated in the ongoing Baloch genocide which is continued for last 70 years. In the demand of Baloch national independence, the Pakistani state is violating the human rights by its worst form of barbarism over Baloch nation and state is disrespecting the international laws for the human rights.  


The Spokesperson further said that the state is increasing its oppression and barbarism on daily basis and violating the international laws for human rights in order to prolong its occupation and extremist ambitions. Such despicable aggressions come in the category of war crimes.  Despite the continuous appeal and given attention by the Baloch nation to the United Nations and the international human rights institutions, they have sustained the policy of silence which is in-any-condition not a good policy for this region.


The spokesperson added that the silence of United Nations, the international media and international human rights institutions despite the continuous violation of United Nation’s laws is providing a justification to the state oppression and barbarism. Spokesperson said that United Nations has to abandon its policy of silence for Balochistan and should implement on its own made Human Rights Declaration.