An elderly Baloch is being tortured for chanting Long Live Dr Allah Nizar

Sangar News

A video of an elderly Baloch man being beaten for saying long live Dr Allah Nizar.

 The Pakistani army sponsored death squad ordered the man to chant slogans of long live Pakistan army, however, the old man resisted and instead chanted slogans of Long live Dr Allah Nizar Baloch.

Dr Allah Nizar Baloch is presumed to be the head of the militant organization Balochistan Liberation Front which enjoys popularity among the common masses.

The elderly man was identified as Balsher s/o Takari Rahmat. The video has already gone viral on internet and there are comments from various online sources.


Baloch National Movement information secretary Dil Murad Baloch also shared the video accusing the army of using death squads to coerce common people into chanting for the army