Families of Baloch Missing Persons suffer due to harsh winters

Sangar News

Mama Qadeer is sick and cannot join the protest camp, Tayyaba Baloch.

the chairperson for Baloch Human Rights Organisation(BHRO), released a video message where she reported the deteriorating health conditions of women and children present at the VBMP camp due to harsh winters in Quetta.

“Women and children are suffering due to cold, Mama Qadeer is also sick and cannot join the camp due to weakness”, said Tayyaba Baloch.

“Every year in winters, Mama Qadeer shifts the camp to Karachi, but this year, due to the presence of a large number of families of Baloch Missing Persons, camp could not be shifted, but the health of women and children at the camp is deteriorating due to day and night protest in the harsh winters”, added Tayyaba Baloch.

Tayyaba Baloch blamed government for the cold-heartedness, and said that no government official were paying a heed to the voice of those suffering women and children.

“CM of Balochistan and other authorities should consider this serious issue and do not let the human rights be violated. More and more people should come forward and join the protest of family members of Baloch Missing Persons”, appealed Tayyaba Baloch.

It is pertinent to mention, families of Baloch Missing Persons have set their main protest camp in front of Quetta Press Club, which has now completed its 10 years under the leadership of Mama Qadeer Baloch, whose son Jalil Reki was killed after remaining missing for a year, and Nasrullah Baloch, whose brother remains missing after almost two decades.

Balochistan is plagued by the enforced disappearances of Baloch youth and activists. However, recent instances of ‘women and children abductions’ have also been reported.

International campaign groups including Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International accuse Pakistani security forces as the perpetrators of illegal abductions in Balochistan.