In the love of motherland - Safar Khan Baloch

Mankind has a tradition of loving their country. They love rivers, mountains, flowers, and animals of their motherland. Mankind deeply loves their mothers as they gave birth to them, feed them and take care of them all their life. That’s why one’s country called motherland, so one can easily define someone’s love with their country. Motherland is the mother of all mothers, therefore, protection and maintain her honour comes first. This sincerely loves to motherland persuade true sons of soil to sacrifice their lives without any hesitation. Baloch motherland Balochistan also gave birth to such sons who had sacrificed their lives for the honour and dignity of their country. 


On November 23, 2018, a headline breakout across the world that, three attackers storm into the Chinese consulate in Karachi and killed seven. Later on, BLA claimed that they carried out this attack. Attackers were identified as Raziq Baloch, Azal Baloch, and Raees Baloch. It was a suicide mission; the attackers were aware that they will not return so as their organization. Their objective was to get the attention of the world towards Baloch national struggle in which they were completely successful. This was not the first time that Baloch militants conducted suicide missions, three months back Chinese engineers were attacked by a BLA’s suicide bomber in Dalbandin, Balochistan. BLA said that the attack on Chinese engineers was carried out by its Majeed brigade’s member Rehan Baloch. 


This news shocked everyone, not because a Baloch freedom fighter carried out a suicide attack on their national enemies but because Rehan was not only a freedom fighter, he was the elder son of BLA’s head Aslam Baloch. It was an unprecedented act in the history of the Baloch resistance movement. Many Baloch fathers proud on the martyrdom of their sons, they have been on their funerals with proud. We have seen that Baloch mothers are proud of their martyrs, they buried their loved ones with songs of joy and pride. But we never saw a Baloch father to send their loved one to the mouth of knowing death. I never saw a Baloch mother to have a last farewell with her son. I never saw a mother get ready her son for self-sacrifice. 


Aslam Baloch and Rehan Baloch took this decision to wake up and motivate the Baloch nation and warn the enemy that we can sacrifice our most precious asset for the sake of our motherland, don’t dare to come into our motherland without our consent. Now the legacy followed by Raziq, Azal and Raees Baloch and will be continued by sons of the soil in future.


A discussion on the legality of suicide attacks against the enemy has started among the Baloch political circles. Many argue that by conducting such kind of attacks it will damage our cause, as world powers don’t like suicide attacks and they will insert us in the list of religious extremists. This school of thought thinks that only religious fanatics carry out suicide attacks. On another side, those who are in favor say you can defend yourself by using all means against the powerful enemy and this is not illegal by any law. This school of thought thinks that a person doesn’t only need religious motivation for such activities. The love of motherland and freedom also motivates a person to cross all limits to defend their country. 


Those whom we call world powers today, once all of them gone through subjugation and slavery. Their occupiers were also powerful, they all used all the mains to fight their enemy including suicide attacks. Even now when it comes to the existence of their national interest the conduct suicide missions to secure their country. Once American freedom fighters were terrorists for the British government, but for Americans they were heroes. The American war against the British was terrorism for British rule but was a war of freedom for American people. 


I want to bring some examples in the notice of my readers where nations had conducted suicide attacks for their national survival. I would like to start from Great Britain, today Great Britain is one of the most influential countries in the world which has used suicide attacks against their enemies.  In 2nd world war on December 1942 ‘Operation Frankton’ was conducted to sunk German ships. They succeeded in sinking one ship and severely damaging four others and doing enough damage in the port to greatly disrupt the use of the harbor for months to come.  Norman Colley, now aged 90, was one of the marines on board but did not end up going on the mission because of an injury. He said to BBC in March 2011 that Everyone was "surprised and shocked" when the nature of the mission was revealed, but nobody backed out. He further added, "I thought the lads accepted it very well. Nobody expected to get back off it - it was a suicide mission." Such was the significance of the raid that Winston Churchill said that it helped to shorter 2nd world war by six months.


When Japanese naval power destroyed badly by the allied forces in battles of Pacific sea. During this phase of the war, the Japanese were not able to build as many ships and warplanes as they were losing in the battles. Japanese generals realized that it is not possible to win the war with a fleet of small warships and few aircraft. Japanese emperor decided to form a special attack unit the “kamikaze” pilots who were volunteered for suicide attacks. It was their task to crash into Allied ships and kill as many sailors as possible. These attacks frightened Allied troops. 2500 Japanese pilots had sacrificed their lives about 5000 allied forces killed as result of those attacks.    


The Dutch soldiers used gunpowder to blow up both themselves and their opponents rather than taken prisoner in the fight against Koxinga’s forces for taking control of Taiwan in 1661. Russian revolutionaries conducted a suicide attack against the Tsar Alexander II of Russia in 1881. "Chavers" warriors of suicide squads of Chera rulers were formed to conduct suicide attacks against their powerful Chola dynasty in the 11th century to protect their motherland and maintain their independence. I can give many examples where nations used suicide attacks against their powerful enemies. 


One thing is clear that there is nothing wrong in using any available weapon against your enemy. There is no morality in the war when it comes to the very existence of your survival. We must know the difference that, western countries are only against those groups which are a threat to their national security, whether it’s a religious group or another group with different ideology and goal. The US and other western countries supported national liberation and change of regime movements across the globe. Many of them carried out suicide attacks against their opponents. The world powers only look after their interests, there is no morality or legality in international politics only interests count. 


Therefore, it is clear that Baloch has the right to defend themselves by any available mean. As Conor Gearty says that, struggles for national liberation are struggles of the poor against the rich, the weak against the strong. As such they cannot succeed unless inexpensive methods are used. Terrorist techniques are relatively inexpensive; hence it is said that they are either the only techniques available or the only effective techniques available. 


We need to categorically defend our national forces on all forums without any hesitation. We know that our national struggle is home-grown, a legitimate and genuine struggle. Political parties must educate and give clear directions to their cadres that, armed organizations are also part and need of our national struggle. Baloch armed groups are defending the motherland by shedding their blood. We must not be influenced by others, but influence others to get support for the movement. It’s the job of political activists to convince people that we are in a state of war and defending ourselves from the occupying forces. Baloch political activists should not blind and hide them self while defending the struggle. Political activists who consider themselves as the voice of national struggle, need to be more rational and realistic that, world powers only care about their interest and the only make alliance with the winner. To be victorious, extreme means of war tactics will be required against the powerful enemy in the future.