Aslam Baloch was a strong pillar in Baloch national resistance . BRA

Sangar News

Baloch Republican Army spokesman Beebarg Baloch issued a statement to media from an undisclosed location, the spokesman saluted BLA Senior commander Ustaad Aslam Baloch on his martyrdom and said “Aslam Baloch was a strong pillar in Baloch national resistance. He devoted his whole life as a teacher and leader in Baloch Movement. Baloch enemies, Pakistan and China were scared from his political thoughts and warrior tactics. Ustaad Aslam was not only leading BLA but he had a great position and respect for all comrades of Baloch national liberation movement from all Baloch resistance organizations.

Beebarg Baloch added “Enemy shouldn’t be in the misunderstanding that martyrdom of Aslam Baloch would halt the resistance, Baloch resistance movement gets more strength from martyr’s revolutionary ideologies.

“Pakistani ISI is a suicide factory and it’s a big threat for civilized world”. The spokesman added, “We would be committed to Ustaad Aslam Baloch and others martyr’s philosophy of freedom till our last drop of blood.”