State commits the economic murder of Baloch fishermen through exploitative projects: BSO Azad

Sangar News

The Central Spokesperson Baloch Students Organization Azad (BSO-A) termed the Gwadar Port and the Expressway like exploitative state projects as the economic murder for the fishermen, and added that the safe and important hunting spots of the fishermen have been completely destroyed due to such exploitative projects.  

The initial effects of the CPEC like destructive projects have paralyzed the Baloch people economically that people are unable to manage meals for themselves, and now the right to earn is also being snatched from the Baloch people in order to completely destroy them under the umbrella of this project.  The fishermen are facing difficulties since last year due to the CPEC, Expressway project and the economic exploitation.

The coastal length of Balochistan is 770 kilometers, and the source of income of the people living on this strip is dependent on fishing. 80 percent poor people are linked with the profession of fishing for managing their meals of two times and for passing life, but the state is snatching the right of life from the poor and oppressed people under the shelter of its projects.

The Spokesperson further said that the day when this exploitative project CPEC has begun, since then the difficulties of the fishermen have greatly increased which caused the fishermen to stage a protest camp with empty stomach for the last several months which is continued until today.    

The state and its institutions are responsible for the economic, social, educational and political exploitation of all walks of people including the fishermen.  The state is promoting the policies to convert the Baloch people into minority over their own land by using the excuse of development. The state, under its policies of economic murder, wants to finish the Baloch national identity by engaging the Baloch nation with different issues.

The Spokesperson said that the fishermen, peasants, labors and people from other walks of life, with the potential of social and political consciousness, have to increase the speed of their national struggle in order to fail state’s filthy projects by understanding the aims and objectives of the state tactics and exploitative projects.