Baloch nationalist pay tributes to Aslam Baloch and companions

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Baloch political organizations, Baloch armed forces and prominent nationalist figures have paid rich tributes to Aslam Baloch

All Baloch nationalist, including armed and political forces have paid rich tributes to Aslam Baloch and his companions, who were martyred in a suicide attack in Afghanistan on 25 December.

Aslam Baloch was the chief of Baloch Liberation Army(BLA), a pro-freedom armed organisation. He was considered the mastermind behind a suicide attack on a bus carrying Chinese nationals in Dalbandin area of Balochistan in August, (the suicide bomber was his elder son)and also behind the recent attack on the Chinese consulate in Karachi city of Pakistan.

In a statement, Khalil Baloch, Chairman of Baloch National Movement (BNM), has paid rich tributes to Ustad Aslam Baloch, Sardaro alias Tajoo, Karim Marri, Sangat Akhtar Baloch, Farid Baloch and Sadiq Baloch and called it a national loss.

“Their sacrifice will strengthen the Baloch movement of independence”, said Khalil Baloch

Another prominent Baloch nationalist leader, Wahid Qambar Baloch has said that Aslam Baloch’s name will be written in golden words in history due to his constant struggle, capabilities and leadership.

“Aslam Baloch’s ideology and revolutionary education will be a guidance, not only for Baloch but for every oppressed nation”, Wahid Qambar said.

Bashir Zaib Baloch, former Chairman of Baloch Students Organization-Azad (BSO-A) has said, “I am proud to be a friend, brother and pupil of Aslam Baloch and till my last breath I will be loyal to his ideology and mission”.

Baloch nationalist leader, Dr Allah Nazar Baloch said, “Aslam Baloch was among the best comrades; he was a fierce warrior and a great guerrilla leader as well as served as a political tactician who kept guiding the Baloch with his writings, speeches and political circles.”

Baloch Students Organisation-Azad (BSO-A) has also paid tribute to Aslam Baloch.

Central spokesperson of BSO-A has stated that Aslam Baloch was known as a symbol of Baloch struggle and he was a Messiah for oppressed people, whose aim was to liberate humanity from slavery and only a great leader could sacrifice his and his own son’s life for such a great cause.

Gulzar Imam, a senior commander of Baloch Republican Army (BRA) said that Aslam Baloch was a role model for his sacrifice, sincerity, leadership qualities and mental strength.

“He has always guided us and by following his principles we will intensify our resistance against the occupier”, Gulzar Imam further said.

Mureed Baloch, spokesperson of United Baloch Army (UBA), a Baloch militant organization has stated that martyrdom of Aslam Baloch and other friends of BLA is a big loss for the movement.

Another Baloch armed group BRG ’s spokesman, Dostain Baloch, in a statement has said, “Due to the Martyrdom of Aslam Baloch, the Baloch nation has once again lost a great leader. We salute Aslam Baloch and his friends”.

Lawang Khan, the spokesperson for Lashkar-e-Balochistan (LB) has paid tributes to Aslam Baloch and companions on their ‘martyrdom’.

“Today we have lost Aslam Baloch and other friends physically but their ideology will always guide the Baloch nation and freedom fighters” Lawang Khan added.

Gohram Baloch, a spokesman for BLF, a pro-freedom armed organization, has stated, “BLF pays rich tribute to Ustad Aslam Baloch, Sardaro aka Tajoo, Karim Marri, Sangat Akhtar Baloch, Farid Baloch and Sadiq Baloch on their sacrifice.”

“Due to the hard struggle and efforts of Aslam Baloch, today ‘Baloch Raji Ajoi Sangar(BRAS)’ an alliance of 3 militant organizations came in to being. And the credit of BLA and BLF alliance also goes to Aslam Baloch”, Gohram Baloch said.

Yasmeen Aslam Baloch, wife of Aslam Baloch has released a video message in social media saying that “nobody should think that after the martyrdom of Ustad Aslam this fight will end.”

“We will not forgive our enemy and will keep up the fight. And I will be standing with my nation until my last breath” said Yasmeen Baloch.

Emotional responses and tributes continue coming in after the shocking and sudden martyrdom of BLA head and his companions this week in an attack.