Kech: Bullet-riddled body of a missing person recovered

Sangar News

Aurangzeb Baloch hailed from Buleda town of Kech district. He was abducted last week along with three others

Pakistani forces delivered the bullet-riddled body of Aurangzeb Baloch to his family on Sunday.
Aurangzeb Baloch had gone for a picnic last week along with his three friends, but only the bullet-riddled body of Aurangzeb returned home, while other three remain missing.
Whereas, local sources told  that FC vehicles were seen going towards that picnic point where Aurangzeb and his friends were present, but only Aurangzeb’s bullet-riddled body returned after a couple of days and others are still missing.
In contrast to FC claim, locals also told  that all the boys were unarmed at the time of leaving the town, and they were boys who enjoyed travelling to different picnic points.
Balochistan is plagued with enforced disappearances, and dead bodies of such missing persons were often recovered on roadsides bearing torture marks on their bodies.