General Aslam Baloch - by:Shoaib Baloch

25th december happened event was panic to baloch nation including opperessed nations rights and independence strive.

General Aslam Baloch had a significant role in the movement that we need a long time in carrying out his space or
anywhere, it will not be wrong to say that achieving his equality or similar leader again, though not impossible, but it will be difficult, probably he can't keep him secondary in baloch history.Although he believed on organizations and fighting political training of the peers was best done, but in every process he himself came infront, whether it was to attack the enemy or difficult circumstances that comes to nation.

General Aslam Baloch was a nationalist leader and used to talk about our nation that if we fight the nation's independence than we need to work hard and give sacrifices and we should understand the time and conditions to move forward our struggle.

Today he's physically separated from us, but his thinking and ideology will continue to guide us and deliver to a destination where the Baloch nation is looking for that destination and he strived continuously that every steps of him should be correct for the nation and his 25 years effort resistence struggled provides a peculiar shape to the strive of baloch nation.

Due to his strategy, our struggle optionaled such a shape that the entire world was influenced by Baloch struggle and the enemy was also scared and could not even imagined that will optional such a threat but unluckily enemy cowrdly invasion gave a huge pain to the entire nation that was in shape of General and his friends martyrdom

If we trust in General's thoughtfulness and ideology than pursuance on them and move ahead for the victory.