Sangar media group will soon publish its annual report on the situation of Human rights in Balochistan.

Sangar News

Sangar media group will soon publish the annual report of gross Human rights violations, military operations and incidents of the missing persons in Balochistan. Which includes the Pakistani army's war crimes and barbarities throughout Balochistan.

The report will be published in both video and text format. The report will cover the entire year's statistics. 2018 was an inconvenient year for Balochistan. Even though this year, the Baloch struggle has made many achievements and reduced the distance towards the greater goal. Despite this, the enemy's actions were extremely harmful. Due to which, the Baloch movement has also suffered significant losses.

The report will cover that, what were the achievements of Baloch struggle and what were the losses.  And will review the serious situation of human rights in Balochistan, opinions, and reviews of Baloch political parties and student organizations.

Video report will be published on the official YouTube channel of Sangar media. The full report will be available on the website of Sangar media.