A leading role of Rehan Aslam Baloch - Shay Rehmath baloch

If we take a look at the history of every nation in the world. So we can see that so many people have sacrificed their lives and every happiness for their nation. If a country is materialized just because of the sacrifice of its people. If we take a look at Balochistan there are so many people who have sacrificed their lives for the protection of Baloch’s culture, language, custom, tradition, and natural resources.
If someone comes to dumb your identity so fighting becomes a duty on every person and sacrifice becomes the aim of every person so every brave son of motherland gets ready to sacrifice every happiness and precious life to protect the nation and county. If a nation has not the courage to sacrifice so soon will be destroyed by basement.
Now Iran and Pakistan had occupied Balochistan to erase the identity of the Baloch nation so many countries are interested in Balochistan like China, said Arab etc. But China is equally Confederate in the genocide of a Baloch nation.
China is openly plundering the Baloch natural resources from Balochistan without permission of Baloch nation. On the other side, China is forcing Baloch youth to learn the Chinese language to dumb Baloch culture and language.
This proxy is not for the development of Baloch youth knowledge it is a proxy to weaken Baloch languages, Brahui, and Balochi.
Before some month they were only contributing their language to Baloch youth but now they are requesting from Pakistan government to colonize Gwadar for Chinese citizens and take out the Baloch population from Gwadar. China government is successful, in this proxy just because of some puppet parliamentary leaders of the Baloch nation.
But the Baloch nation will never ever accept these type of baseless development which compels us to get out from our motherland and forget our mother tongue.
History will give witness that Baloch nation has never let any nation to be colonized here forever. When Pakistan occupied Balochistan at start days Baloch resists to not be part of Pakistan. but Pakistan occupied Balochistan by military power so at the end of weak of occupation Baloch started resistance which continues till today in       Balochistan. today thousands of Baloch people have given sacrificed immeasurably but never get ready for surrender in front of enemies. Baloch is not afraid of death Baloch can sacrifice for country themselves and also their family members. They know if we die for the protection of our nation so our new generation and offspring will continue it till freedom.
Rehan Baloch made China and Pakistan realize that it is not the only land it is our motherland. Where Baloch living thousands of years ago. Rehan made them realize that no one can continue its occupation on this land. Rehan Baloch carried out a fidayeen (suicide) attack on Chinese engineers. where so many engineers were killed and injured. There were more than hundred of Pakistani security forces for the security of Chinese engineers but no one could stop him. the enemy of the Baloch nation should know that if a Baloch fighters want to attack so nobody can stop these guerrillas.
Rehan Baloch was only 23 but his courage and bravery were bigger than mountains. Rehan was a very good-natured person. He used to live his life very happy and simple. When met someone he met with a very friendly nature and good manners. Rehan was not tired of his life he was so happy and satisfied with his life. Therefore his sacrifice teaches us that we should sacrifice our every happiness for our nation. he didn't only sacrifice his life he sacrificed his happiness, talent, and everything which he had.
Now every Baloch should bring his/her talent in use for the independence of our nation. And destroy every devilish plane of our enemy.
It is just unbelievable how lummah Yasmeen sends her son to go and never come back again. It is a courageous act ever in the history of the world.
Now if any nation want to occupy Baloch nation should think thousands of time before occupying Balochistan where thousand of Yasmeen and Rehan live on this land who are ready to sacrifice everything for nation and protection of natural resources.
Martyred Aslam the prophet of Baloch nation most respected that he has trained so many rehans under his leading and teachings. Aslam same like hazrath Ibrahim sacrificed his son. If we don't take any lesson by these types of the courageous act so we have no right to be called as part of the Baloch nation. in the end, I want to say that respect the sacrifice of martyred and be united to get freedom.