Without independence, Baloch and Sindhis will become extinct; Pay tribute to Saeen GM Syed: Dr Allah Nazar Baloch

Sangar News

Baloch pro-independence leader Dr Allah Nazar, honoring the prominent Sindhi nationalist leader Saeen GM Syed on the eve of his hundred and fifteenth birthday anniversary, said that GM Syed's contributions for Sindhi nation are as bright as daylight. He was a leader and a renowned writer. For the Sindhi people, the foundations of salvation and freedom from slavery of are in GM Syed's philosophy. Sindhi nation can abolish Pakistani rule by adopting his views and practices. In this modern era, enslavement of other nations by Pakistan is a violation of international law. That's what can be expected from an unnatural country because its foundations are laid by occupying other nations. In the serfdom of Pakistan, Baloch, Sindhi and Pashtoons’ national heritage, language and culture are in danger.

He said, like the Baloch, Sindhi is also facing slavery. Sindhi civilization and culture and historical traditions are being trampled upon. Sindhi youth are enduring similar ordeals in Pakistani torture chambers as the thousands of Baloch youth who are lingering and being martyred in the dark cells. Today, Sindhis are also passing through the worst times of their history where the state is exploiting their natural resources as well as trying to eliminate their identity.

Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch said that Sindhis are the heirs of an ancient civilization and owners of their land for thousands of years. And due to its Sufi ideology and traditions, it is a humanist civilization that believes in humanity and peaceful coexistence with its neighbors. But today, this great nation is in bondage of a state that is a blood-thirsty beast that is completely ignorant of any civilized behavior. By sowing the seeds of religious extremism, Pakistan is destroying the Sindhi civilization and culture so that stripping the Sindhis off of their identity and alienating them from their own land and heritage.

He said that for Baloch, Sindhi and the Pashtoon nation the only way to protect their land, national interests and identity is national independence and getting rid of Pakistani slavery. Pakistan, along with its imperialist allies, invading and occupying the land of oppressed nations and is hell-bent to annihilate them. China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project is nothing but exploitation of Baloch and Sindhi resources.

For the last seven decades, Pakistan has not only made us its colony but is engaged in the plunder of our resources, and also trying to turn us into a minority on our own soil.

Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch said that in these circumstances, on the eve of GM Syed's anniversary, Sindhis should renew their vows that they would get rid of Pakistan by using all means of struggle for their right to freedom under international laws. He said, this is a tough path. And we are faced with an uncivilized, cruel enemy lacking global human values. We are slaves of such a state that has ??committed heinous crimes like genocide of Bengalis and Baloch. But, without independence, under this tyrannical and genocidal policy, Baloch and Sindhi nationalities will become extinct.