Noshki: Several houses destroyed, by flood water

Sangar News
Flood water damaged several houses and killed dozens of cattle in Noshki district today on Sunday morning
Several houses and properties have been damaged following an overnight downpour in Mull town of Noshki district.
According to the residents, they started witnessing water inflow in the early hours of Sunday morning. The flood is said to have been caused by an overflow of nearby streams and channels.
Although no life was lost, several mud-houses collapsed in the submerged town, and dozens of domestic animals have been swept away by the flood water.
A fresh spell of heavy downpour had started the last night in Noshki, Chaghi, Kalat and Khuzdar districts of Balochistan, whereas, mountainous region of Northern Balochistan witnessed snowfall.
The residents of Mull town are forced to live under open sky after the flood damaged their houses, and the residents await for any kind of aid.